Wednesday, January 13, 2010

//Star Trek Online

It's a new year and I decided to leave Warhammer at the end of the month since Fat Princess can replace it as my "PVP fix". I've had some good times on Warhammer but I cannot for the life of me play 5 mmo's at once. I might return later on but I don't know for sure. It's a good time to leave since I played it for about 14 months and I hit the level cap n' got pretty good gear already.

//Star Trek Online

I pre-ordered the Collector's edition from Amazon and received an Open Beta key. Downloading the game took nearly eons (around 10 hours) but I had no problems logging in last night. Seems like the game is polished when it comes to space combat but land in person combat needs a little help. Character movement is a little strange..a bit like LOTRO. The only really good character movement/camera and targeting in a game I have played was probably Warhammer and FFXI. Character Customization for STO is pretty nice and there a lot of options. I wish there were more long-hair styles but the amount of color choice was pretty vast.

I really enjoyed ship combat. You can change your status to either defensive/offensive/balanced and you can control power of your shields on diff quadrants on your ship. Wish there were more ways to dodge photon torpedoes and stuff but other than's top notch.

More to come later!

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